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The State of the Puget Sound
Hundreds of years ago, before any white man had set foot in the place we now call Washington, the natives lived in harmony with their environment. For thousands of years, they cared for and respected the Puget Sound, and kept it fertile for future generations. In 1890, thousands of United States citizens moved out to the Pacific Northwest to take advantage of its incredible resources. In a little over 100 years, we have all but destroyed this "perfect balance" that the natives had achieved. We have endangered hundreds of species by destroying natural habitats, polluting the Sound, and squandering its natural resources. If we do not do anything to prevent it, the Puget Sound's delicate ecosystem will be destroyed, as well as all those who depend on it. Today, there are many organizations (mostly non-profit) that are attempting to raise awareness of the state of the Puget Sound. You can help save the lives of all the organisms in the Puget Sound by doing simple things like picking up after your dog, washing your car on the grass, and installing low-flow shower heads. If we all work together to save this marvel, we can preserve it for future generations.
— Killerbreadbug72
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